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David WestwoodEach novel in the World War Two Series is set during a different year. The books are not connected; their commonality being ordinary people whose lives and destinies are distorted by war. Each takes place in a fictional town, itself a character, and each has an underlying theme: one art, one sport, one music, one food.  The theme of the last is, appropriately enough, writing itself. They’re fast-paced, evocative, and historically grounded in the very real events that characterized each year of the global conflict.

The World War One Series has just begun, and will feature one book for each of the years 1914-18.

David Andrew Westwood is a London-born, California-based writer.


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Emmerspitz, 1938 Deauvenoy, 1939 Kelsmeath, 1940 Kopersund, 1942 Valdinato, 1943 Mossingdene, 1944 Onishiwan, 1945 Denderbeck, 1915 Charentin, 1918 Belmedon, 1914 Otterbrook, 1916